The Greek Research Infrastructure for Social Sciences

SodaNet logoThe So.Da.Net network is the Greek research infrastructure for the social sciences.

The Centre for Political Research participates in this programme in cooperation with the universities of the Aegean, Athens, Thrace, and the NCSR (EKKE). On behalf of the Centre, Prof. Yannis Voulgaris is the scientific coordinator. Prof. Christina Koulouri and Assoc. Prof. Vassiliki Georgiadou and a team of researchers, PhD candidates and post-graduate students from Panteion University also participate in the programme. CPR collects and processes data on: a) Politics, Parties and Political Culture; b) Economy and Society; and c) the Political and Social History of Greece.


The CPR participated in a network of academic departments and a private company within the framework of the project: “Socialdatanet: A Network for the Development of Comparative Research and Secondary Analysis”. The project was publicly funded by the GSRT.

Aspects of the cultural Cold War: the US and the case of Greece

The present research project explores aspects of Cold War culture emphasizing on the Greek case. To this aim the focus is on US cultural diplomacy targeted to Greece from the early 1950s to the late 1960s. Our basic assumption is that this is a complex process that tries to balance between often opposite goals (e.g. modernization goals, anti-communist strategy etc.) and ultimately produces hybrid outcomes (aspects of Americanization, emergence of anti-Americanism. The archival research took place and was completed in June 2012 (Roosevelt Study Center, Middelburg, Netherlands), while the processing of the main findings and the final synthesis is still ongoing.